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Life Insurance: Preparing for the Future

Life happens. It’s easy to focus on enjoying the here and now, but when the unexpected takes place, you and your loved ones want to be prepared. You can achieve peace of mind about the future by enrolling in a life insurance policy. It’s not just for those getting married, starting a family or purchasing a home. Many other circumstances warrant the protections that comes with establishing a policy, so when tomorrow does come, you’ll be prepared.

For first-time buyers of life insurance, the process of finding a policy can be a formidable task. How much is needed? What kind of policy is right for me? What company should I go through? As insurance experts, Bidwell Hudson knows how to guide you through this new experience, providing you with the answers you need for selecting a satisfactory policy that keeps you and those you love protected. Discussing your particular financial needs with our financial professionals will help you confidently make the right choice for a life insurance plan.

You can begin to better understand the importance of life insurance by considering the following:

Why life insurance?

Life insurance protects families in the event of the death of a parent or spouse. Any loved ones relying on your income, for example, can maintain financial security upon your passing. This might include developing educational or retirement funds, paying off mortgages or estate planning management. And, even if those aren’t immediate needs, a starter policy will help you begin to secure your future, because the younger you are, the cheaper your premium will be.

How much do I need?

There are several ways to determine the right amount of life insurance. Online calculators or formulas at best can only give decent estimates for your consideration, but it is important to consult with financial experts like us at Bidwell Hudson to achieve clarity about your family’s future financial security.

Which policy is best for me?

Based on the amount of life insurance coverage required, you may opt for a term life or permanent life policy. Term life premiums are more affordable, but permanent life policies are more comprehensive. In a consultation with us, we’ll help you understand which is best for you.

Which company is the best provider?

The quality of your policy is equal to the quality of your provider. You want a company you can rely on to provide the coverage you need, when you need it. A good provider will also invest premiums in the most effective ways to pay policyholders’ claims.

These are just a few considerations when purchasing a life insurance policy. Every policy is as unique as the person purchasing it, so it’s important to talk it through with financial experts. For more questions you may have to prepare for your future, give Bidwell Hudson a call today at 419-887-4723.